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At Hebets and McCallin, we have had the pleasure of working with numerous satisfied clients, and we regularly receive referrals. We are proud of our reputation for excellent legal representation, and we have highlighted the words of some of our past clients below for your review.  Please visit our Client Success Stories page, to watch short videos detailing the stories of other satisfied clients.

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I had a few questions regarding a long settled 25 yr old legal issue that had recently demanded my attention due to an application I submitted to travel between countries. I tried the legal counsel I had originally worked with so long ago but they were no longer available /retired. I called a few legal referral businesses but had not connected with anyone specific as quickly as I had hoped. I continued online and found the law firm of Hebets and McCallin in my search. I sent off an inquiry to Russell Hebets with a short explanation of what I was dealing with. He responded within 10 mins offering me two available time slots on his schedule during the week to talk. The very next morning I was on the phone with him reviewing my situation and asking my questions. He was nice, patient, clear, responsive, informed, and straightforward. He asked me specific questions about my case and then answered my questions. He gave me detailed information plus options I could pursue depending on what was available to me from the courts. If I needed further assistance moving forward he said he would be available to help and quoted a flat rate for the potential scope of work. I found Mr. Hebert to be very attentive, easy to talk with, professional and informed. I was very relieved to come away with clear answers as I had been stressing a lot recently since having to deal with such ancient history. Old legal issues really just never go away….! I was very grateful for the time he spent with me illuminating the areas that needed further understanding and action on my part. I will certainly reach out to Mr. Hebets in the future if needed and I can easily recommend him 100% for legal assistance.

Anonymous Denver

Colin McCallin did an amazing job! He kept in constant contact, explained the law thoroughly, and answered all of my questions. I was wrongfully arrested for a DUI by police who engaged in misconduct and deleted the evidence. It was a long anxious road, and eventually a tough decision to have a trial by jury. The judge was known to give jail sentences as a "trial tax" which would have cost me my job and my home. It was my word vs the word of two police officers. Colin absolutely smashed it out of the park! He got the police to admit under oath to: deleting evidence, that I had no impairment, and that they turned the blood sample in 5 days late. Needless to say I was acquitted by a jury of my peers, but it didn't end there for me. The court clerk made a "mistake" and entered my case number as a guilty verdict which nearly got me arrested during a background check for my new job. Colin again went out of his way, driving all the way to the courthouse the next day to photocopy the case information proving I was acquitted. Then he contacted the DMV to sort everything out and ensure I could get my license back. Thank you so much Colin McCallin!

Armand V.

Collin McCallin performed EXCELLENTLY with my case. He kept in consistent contact with me throughout and showed diligence and extreme care for what I was dealing with. He worked effectively with the district attorney to resolve my case, and I could not be more pleased with the work. Thanks again!

Tim W.

Thanks Russell, I truly appreciate all your Efforts on my case. He was very confident that we could obtain a positive outcome. In the end, Russell exceeds all my Expectations. I Would highly Recommend Hebets & McCallin to my family or friends.

Senthil K

Colin McCallin has literally worked miracles for my case. Very knowledgeable and intelligent. He is honest and trust worthy. I couldn't ask for a better lawyer. His team did everything they could and more to make my case the greatest outcome possible and it turned out amazing! He was also very comforting and caring for me. Always calming me down and telling the absolute truth of the case. If I had any questions at all he responded back with great in depth answers. Very thankful and grateful just for his existence. Definitely would recommend with no doubt! Hebets and McCallin services go above and beyond for your case!

Worked miracles for me!

Colin McCallin is the one of the best attorney in Denver, very honest and straight forward which makes him really nice he will not give you false expectation but do everything he can to make sure you are in good shape. No one wants to go to attorney, but when you are in situation you need him most he will be there for your professionally and personally. I can't say enough how good he is. I was glad I found you in my situation it would have never been this easy to come out from this so well without your support and help. He is aggressive when it needed, It very calm when it requires to explain you the situation. He will go through with you no matter it day or night. Kudos to you!! you are real awesome.

A.T. in Denver

In a very dark time of my life, not knowing where to turn, I was referred to Hebets & McCallin by a trusted friend. My poor choices had damaged my life. The choice to put my case in the hands of Mr. McCallin was the beginning of turning my life around. Despite the " luck of the draw" in being placed before a stern Judge, Mr. McCallin was upfront,honest, and truly a support to me. Mr. McCallin flawlessly represented me as an individual and a human being worthy of compassion. Due to his efforts, and wise council I am now able to continue making positive choices for my life and enjoy every moment that I have. Thank You Mr. McCallin and to your staff. May God bless all the works that you set your hands to! My Life has truly been touched and changed forever. For those of you that are wondering what to do. Be assured that by choosing Hebets & McCallin, you have chosen the BEST! Humbled, and Respectfully, DB

David B. Colorado born, Colorado raised

After interviewing 3 Denver law firms, Colin McCallin promptly called me back after my online submission. I live in San Diego and had a very complex out of state DUI with an outstanding warrant from 2013. The previous 3 law firms I spoke to had little to no confidence in helping my complex case. Colin and I spoke for close to an hour going through every detail of the case. At the end of the call, Colin said he wanted to check a few things including going to the DMV. Mind you this is with out being under retainer. I figured I would not hear back. Within days, I got a call from Colin to go through his findings and what my options are for taking care of this. I have never been in legal trouble before and Colin did an amazing job taking the time to dumb things down for me. I hired Hebets & McCallin for a very reasonable fixed rate compared to the other proposals I received. We recently went to court in JeffCo and had a sentencing hearing in front of one of the hardest judges in the system. Nothing but horror stories about this guy. Long story short, Colin knocked it out of the park and literally got everything squashed!!!! Unheard of! i.e. warrant, parole, interlock, probation, etc. Just incredible. The judge even stated the case was presented in such a fashion he was not sure he had every witnessed anything like it before. We were so well prepared and had a very good presentation the judge felt like I had served my time and paid my dues. I cant thank Colin enough for his hard work and guidance. So professional and wanting to help. I would be sitting in jail right now if it wasn't for him. I could not recommend Hebets & McCallin enough!

David D. San Diego

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5.0 stars

From the initial conversation with Mr. Hebets I knew he was the attorney to hire. He and his staff are always available to answer questions and address concerns. Everyone is helpful and always willing to take phone calls!!!!!! In my opinion this is the best law firm in Denver!! Thanks for all of your help!!!!!!

Denver Metro Client

I cannot say enough great things about Russell Hebets, how thankful I am for everything he did, and how grateful I am to have hired him as my legal counsel. 

I was accused of hitting a pedestrian in a parking lot and though I knew I was being falsely accused my situation turned very serious very quickly. I originally hired a different attorney but after months of not getting anywhere and only having things get worse, despite the inconsistent and shortage of evidence against me, my husband and I decided to look for another attorney. Some close friends of ours referred us to Russell so we scheduled a consultation with him and from the very beginning he has been phenomenal. Russell is the perfect combination of intelligence, empathy, and aggressiveness. He answered all of our questions thoroughly throughout the entire process, responded quickly to all or our requests, and always made sure to keep us updated on any new developments with the case without having to ask for them. 

Working with Russell lifted a huge weight off of our shoulders and allowed my husband and me to get back to living our lives knowing we were in good hands. Russell is truly a genuine and caring person and my husband and I will forever be grateful for the hard work, empathy, and support Russell gave us with my case. His persistence and determination resulted in a full dismissal of all of the charges!

So Grateful for Russell Denver

To whom it may concern, I'm not one to usually write reviews but I wanted to share how Mr. He Hebets single handedly save me and my career after a terrible mistake one night. I am fairly successful for my age (20 years old and an engineer and also in the USAF, which is why I'm using an alias) when I got arrested for a DUI, leaving the scene of an accident, underage drinking, etc. Since I was in jail I could call for a lawyer and he was the first one to reply when my mother was calling around and by far the best choice to help me with my situation. Mr. Hebets not only told me his straight up opinion on how he saw my case going but also never let me lose hope. He was always there when I called or emailed and I want to stress on how much he did for me. I was looking at losing both of my careers and my licence, both in which I kept in tact. He got me a leaving the scene of an accident charge and no alcohol charges what so ever. If I ever have another incident such as this one (which should definitely not happen) or if anyone I know gets in any alcohol related charge, I will make sure to send them to Russell Hebets 100 percent of the time. Thanks for everything you did, Sincerely, John Doe

John Doe Denver Metro

I am very thankful we hired Colin! 2nd DUI with single car accident. Including federal issues. Thanks to Colin's persistence he was able to get my jail time greatly reduced! Thank you Colin for helping me be able to be present for the birth of our third child!! Without you I would have probably missed it. Colin was very knowledgeable and always made sure we understood everything of what was going on. He helped us understand what was going to happen and explained every step of the process. He definitely helped make the whole process a little less stressful.

Jon Silva

All I can say in few words that they are so professional and available for their clients, I've had the worst experience but the lawyer handled it so well, thank you so much McCallin.

Kareem Moulkellah Denver, CO

I was caught going 85 miles an hour on I-70 in Jefferson County on my way up to hit some fresh powder on the slopes. I thought for sure I was in big trouble because I had just received ANOTHER speeding ticket 2 weeks earlier. I hired Hebets & McCallin, P.C. to handle the ticket in Jefferson County, and boy, did they ever! Much to my surprise, Mr. Hebets was able to get the ticket completely DISMISSED. I still don't know how he did it. I only know that I'm very grateful. Without his work, dedication and connections, I'm certain I would be paying a premium for my car insurance, as I've been known to have a lead foot in the past. And even though, I have since slowed down, I would hire this firm again in a second, as I was thoroughly impressed with them.

Heidi Hemmat - Fox 31 News

This year I was wrongfully accused of Assault with Domestic Violence as well as assault 3. After interviewing several potential attorneys for legal representation, I chose to work with Colin McCallin. Colin not only had the experience I needed but he seemed genuinely interested in taking on my case and I immediately felt at ease with my decision. Colin was not only attentive to every detail of the case and communicative; he was there when I had questions and would entertain any idea, question or concern that I might have. He was passionate and driven to see my case through to the end. In spite of the legal systems inability to see through its own processes; Colin could, and did. When having to finally face a trial by jury for something I didn't do, Colin was steadfast in his resolve and the case ended with NOT guilty verdicts on both counts. There never was a time that I felt like he wasn't aware and doing what everything possible to assist me in being vindicated. I would recommend his passionate and detail oriented defense for anyone of my friends or family. Colin, again many thanks and I will forever be grateful for you seeing me through this nightmare. Thank you.

Yours truly,


From misdemeanor to felony to innocent! It all started around may 5th, 2004, when I was accused of a sexual assault that I didn't commit. My travel documents were taken away, then the privilege to see my kids was interrupted. My life was slowly moving to hell. Imagine you can't be around kids, report to a probation officer every day, you can't leave the state, you lost your job, and the only thing you had was the people who believed in you. I almost gave up. While sitting in the court there was this lawyer handling a similar case who was very professional, great personality, and had the knowledge of the law which a lot of lawyers don't. Something gave me the feeling that I need to hire him. It turned out to be Mr. Russell Hebets from the law firm of Hebets & McCallin. I did not know how long he's been around but after he took my case my face knew how to smile again and I could sleep at night knowing I was in good hands.

Mr. Hebets had all my felonies dropped, won an appeal, got back my travel documents, and we were only left with misdemeanors which were finally dismissed on January 12th, 2009. I'll never forget the phone call from Mr. Hebets while I was at work. Even though it took me 4 years I was kept out of jail able to work. Mr. Hebets was able to schedule my court appearances on my days off so I was able to keep my new job. If it wasn't for the D.A.'s who kept changing over and over this matter would have been over with at an earlier time.

So When you think of a law firm I recommend Hebets & McCallin. They are real people, very professional, and they let you know your chances of your case. Funny that I had never met this lawyer (Russell) and had only seen him for 30 minutes at work and yet I had no doubt about him and I was right. I am a Free man and we didn't even go to trial. Thanks again Russell. Thank you for giving me my life back!

Yours truly,

Michael A. Johnson

Dear Colin,

Thank you for the phenomenal representation that you provided me this past year. Its a testament to your superb abilities that I was able to keep my transportation and livelihood. Words cannot express my thankfulness for providing me with the best possible counsel that anyone could have asked for. I hope this message finds you and yours well.

With Gratitude,


I was charged with a hit and run due to circumstances I do not wish to share. Needless to say I was in panic mode, but once I met Russell Hebets, I felt exponentially better. He made me feel comfortable and confident about my situation despite the shady details. I was embarrassed but Russell treated me with dignity and respect. The case turned out better than I could have ever hoped: DISMISSED. I'll never use another lawyer again. Russell's the man!

Sara G. - Denver, CO

Hey Colin,

Thank you for going to bat for me and allowing the court system to see the case my way!  If I know of anyone who needs a great lawyer, I know who to send them to!


John M. - Denver, CO

I was in Denver, CO in late August 2010. I had an unexpected run-in with the local law enforcement that resulted in my being taken to jail. I first met Russell Hebets from the wrong side of the bars but he was nothing but helpful and informative throughout my ordeal. I found Russell and Colin both to be very quick to respond to my questions, phone calls, and emails (of which there were plenty). The biggest thing that made me realize that I had picked the correct attorney was that every time I spoke with Russell it was very easy to see that this was more than a job to him. He cares about his CLIENTS and not about making money off of them. To me he became my source of information about the law but he also became someone who I felt was fighting for my best interests every step of the way. I only wish that I had met him under better circumstances as he is truly a great person and lawyer.

Garry B. - Maiden, NC

My name is Danielle and I was being charged with a DUI and careless driving. With the help of Colin McCallin I was able to get my charge reduced in very little time with great results. My charges were a minimum and I don't believe that would have been possible without the help of Colin. If Colin was unavailable, Russell was always willing to help me out. They both work together and inform one another of the cases they are working on. I don't know what I would have done if I had not found these amazing lawyers. Their professionalism is top notch and they truly cared about you and the outcome of my case. If anyone I know ever has an issue with the law they will be the ones i recommend and if I ever have another issue they will be the first ones I call. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me!!!

Danielle - Aurora, CO

Hebets & McCallin is an excellent choice for criminal defense. I was exceedingly impressed with Hebets and McCallin professionalism and their clear understanding of Colorado Law. They are friendly, efficient, extremely knowledgeable and have an impressive energy and enthusiasm to win cases for their clients. It took 5 minutes for Mr. Hebets to get my case dismissed. I was impressed. I highly recommend Hebets & McCallin.

Daniel R. - Lone Tree, CO

Hey Russell,

Just writing to you to say thanks for everything. I'm feeling great to have almost everything done with. Surprisingly it wasn't too difficult. Thank you for your hard work on my case. I really don't think things could have turned out much better.

Hope all is going well for you. Thanks again.

Benjamin Burquest - Columbine Valley, CO

Thanks Russell,

I cannot thank you enough for your help and advice during past 6 months. You really helped me maintain a level of calm that I otherwise wouldn't have. The outcome could not have been better.

Thanks again.

Chris G. - Broomfield, CO


I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your services. I appreciated you always being available to answer questions and felt like my situation was always under control. I doubt that if I had tried to handle this on my own, that it would have gone that smoothly. I will recommend your services to anyone who is need of counsel as my experience with you was outstanding.

Anyway, Thanks I appreciate it.

Kasey B. - Parker, CO

Dear Colin,

Thank you for the work you did on my case. While the charges I faced were completely without merit, I believe your representation helped me achieve the desired result sooner than if I had been on my own. Moreover, I appreciated your timely responses to the issues that arose. I hope all is well with you.


Matt S. - Littleton, CO

Dear Mr. Hebets, I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your knowledge and experience to help my daughter Jennie B. avoid imprisonment when she was sentenced. My wife and I were impressed by your helpfulness, concern and professionalism. We are encouraged by the fact that Jen says that she is attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings regularly now, and seems to be viewing her court requirements as a wake-up call to get her life in order. Once again, thank you for helping our family.

Yours truly,

Roger and Marydean B. - Winsted, CT

A couple of months ago, I had an unfortunate run-in with the police. I had never been in trouble with the law before, and was quite ignorant with regard to criminal law and how the system worked. I was referred to Colin McCallin. I met with Colin and he instantly put me at ease. He guided me through my case and advised me about all of my options. He was patient and informative. He resolved my case with a great outcome. I would absolutely recommend Colin to anyone charged with a crime.

Matt R. - Denver, CO

I hired Colin McCallin to assist me with some legal troubles. He did a great job for me and surpassed my expectations. My matter was resolved with the results I wanted. I would highly recommend Colin to anyone who wants fantastic legal representation.

Chris T. - Highlands Ranch, CO

The legal representation that I received from this firm far exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of legal counsel.

Tony M. - Denver, CO

My son was arrested and charged with manufacturing methamphetamine's along with some other charges. Russell got some charges reduces, others dropped, kept him out of jail and into a drug rehab center which is what he needed. I highly recommend Hebets & McCallin for any criminal charges you or your loved ones face. He is an excellent lawyer.

Pat W.

When I had been pulled over for speeding for the second time in less than 6 months with jail time as a possible consequence, I knew I needed an attorney. I was in touch with Colin McCallin on a recommendation from a friend, and he understood the severity of my situation. He told me he had handled traffic violations on a regular basis and assured me the hearing would be quick and relatively painless. Colin had my points reduced and I paid a very small fine. I could not have been happier with the outcome or the personal attention I received from Hebets & McCallin.


I was charged with a DUI in February of 2011. I contacted Russell Hebets who took my case immediately. He set up an appointment right away and provided me a course of action to get past this in the shortest time possible. He was both an adviser and friend throughout the legal and civil process. His knowledge of the court system and DMV made the whole experience as painless as possible.


I received 2 tickets within a two week period - one for speeding and one for failure to stop at a stop sign. Hebets & McCallin handled both tickets simultaneously - reducing the offenses down to a single 2 point defective vehicle plea. The firm is very professional and easy to work with. It is reassuring to know that I have someone to call next time I have a run in with the law.

S. Greenwald - Denver, CO

My name is Neal Davis, and I have been a client of Russell Hebets for more than 3 years.

I was originally referred to one of Russell's business associates by a friend of mine, and had high expectations about the upcoming meeting. Unexpectedly, I had the opportunity to speak with Russell, as his associates were busy handling other cases. For a brief time I had the feeling that I was not going to get the attention I deserved, and I was understandably upset.

That feeling changed almost immediately. Russell immediately gave me the impression of a caring individual, who at the same time exuded a professional confidence that made me comfortable and relaxed. Our meeting was informative, and Russell helped me understand my options without making me feel overwhelmed with the legal process. He spent a good amount of time answering my questions, however erroneous I felt they were, ensuring that I left with a comfortable knowledge of what to expect.

I was delighted with the promptness of Russell's return calls, and his ability to meet with me around my schedule was a big factor in my returning to him for another legal matter. I was very privileged to have had Russell Hebets represent me not once, but twice. In both cases I felt the outcome was better than I had imagined, especially the latter case, which was dismissed entirely.

After my experiences, I won't hesitate in recommending Russell Hebets to any family and friends that are in need of an experienced, professional legal representative. I'm confident any client of his will feel the same way.


Neal Davis - Finance Specialist

When I first met Russell I didn't think there was much that could be done to help me. Not only did he accomplish what I wanted but he far exceeded any of my expectations. Since then I have referred Russell to a number of my friends and associates. I always get the same feedback,"Thank you so much for recommending Russell to me. I can't believe how well things worked out."


Zach E. - Denver, CO

Recently, I hired this firm and was immediately impressed with the level of professionalism and attention that my case received. Since my initial representation, I have referred several friends that have all been as impressed as I have been. I highly recommend Hebets & McCallin to anyone in need of criminal defense legal representation.

Tyson M. - Denver, CO

To Whom This May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I write to you in recommendation of Russell Hebets. I have known Russell for 2 years and have found him to be a pleasant and generous individual who takes his time to listen and advise me of my legal rights and answers my questions to the best of his ability. I would highly recommend Hebets & McCallin to my colleagues, family and friends.


Lorraine M. - Denver, CO

I was issued a ticket for throwing missiles or stones, a charge I considered a joke when I initially received it. I briefly consulted with Russell about the ticket and decided I would just take care of it myself, thinking that the city attorney would just dismiss the charge. A few weeks later, I received a call out of the blue from Russell who had been thinking about my situation and decided his representation would be in my best interest. Needless to say I was very surprised and grateful that Russell was so caring and thoughtful to call me, because he got the charge completely dismissed! As the judge was dismissing the charge, she mentioned that another person had just been in her courtroom for the exact same actions as me, and they didn't dismiss the charge. This just goes to prove that I didn't stand a chance by myself and it was all Russell Hebets and his connections that saved me a lot of time, money, and a criminal record. In the future, I won't even consider anyone other then the law office of Hebets & McCallin, and will refer anyone I know to the most professional law office I have ever dealt with.

Mike Timmer - Business Sales Consultant

I unluckily picked up multiple traffic violations in Colorado, and I was nervous about having my license revoked. Calling Colin McCallin for assistance turned out to be an excellent decision. The professionalism and effectiveness of Colin in defending me was unlike any attorney I had ever seen. He made my options crystal clear, and was able to obtain a favorable result. I drive 250 miles a week to work and having my license taken away was not an option. Hebets & McCallin had my penalties reduced so I can commute comfortably, without worrying that a traffic violation will deter me from my career. Now I know I have an attorney I can count on in the future.

David P. - Denver, CO

Dear Mr. Hebets,

Just a quick note to thank you for a job well done. Evan was very relieved when we left the courthouse yesterday (as was I). We will keep your name and number with hopes that we will never have to contact you professionally again. Hope you continue to grow and prosper in your business.


Colette D. - Denver, CO

I'm extending a giant 'thanks' to Colin McCallin and to Hebets & McCallin for the OUTSTANDING job that was done on my behalf! My troubles involved 'DV', and I have to say that between the calm courtesy extended to me, and the knowledgeable representation I received in the courts, the result(s) for me were an incredible relief! Job well done!

Thank you again!


I would like to take this opportunity to say that Russell Hebbets did an outstanding job both as my attorney and also as a patient and comforting source of information and support. He was both knowledgeable and confident about my case. His well timed statements in court and careful preparation helped me get through with a very minimal sentence. Thank you Russell! Great work!

Thank you,

J.B. - Denver, CO

Hello Russell,

I was just writing to let you know that I greatly appreciate your time and effort. I cannot thank you enough. I am very very relieved and happy that it was so quick and easy. You can be sure that if anyone I know gets in legal trouble ( which has happened before) I will be happy and honored to refer you to them. Once again, thank you and I apologize if I did not show my gratitude at the courthouse. I was a little tired and nervous but I couldn't be happier.

Thank you,

Lee M. - Denver, CO

My relationship began with Russell in August 2010, upon crossing the border between the U.S. and Canada I was asked to pull into customs. To my surprise, and totally unaware it was explained to me that I had an active warrant out for my arrest in the state of Colorado. Asked to turn around and re-enter the U.S. and not to try to return to Canada until I had this crazy ludicrous accusation taken care of. I live in Western New York so my only way to find an attorney in Denver, CO was to ask a few friends who still live in the area. So about twenty phone calls and continuing to search the web I met Russell on the telephone. Dismayed and really tired of talking to attorneys at this point, I was pleasantly surprised! The request for money was not the first words out of Russell's mouth, actually after I explained my case to Russell he was very informative and told me exactly what the worst case scenario would be and what his strategy of attacking this problem. At no time did Russell make promises that he could make this go away instantly, what Russell did do was take action. After it was determined we were up against a very tight assed DA, it was necessary for me to make one trip to Denver and appear in court.

My appearance in court although very nerve racking and stressful, was handled by Russell in a very professional and to the point matter. The judge dismissed the warrant for my arrest and I did not have to post bond. Russell appeared for me at the pre trial hearing. The DA was still being very hard headed on this 25 year old case that had no merit to it at all. So Russell pushed for Trial, in other words show your evidence against my client or drop all charges immediately. Within one week of the pre trial hearing Russell called and gave me the good news that all charges had been dropped and my case with Arapahoe County was dismissed. I certainly recommend Russell Hebets to anyone in the Denver area needing a great attorney. Russell is a straight shooter, he will tell you what you are up against and what he can do for you right up front. If I ever for any reason need an attorney in the Denver area, you can bet that my first stop will all ways be with Russell Hebets.

Bobby C. - Williamsville, NY

Hebets & McCallin exceeds expectations of outcome in criminal defense. The professionalism, and accuracy in resolving the key facts for a successful verdict were handled with the utmost percision and confidence. Russell Hebets is clear, concise and has a clear knowledge of how to approach, set tactics to work with clients that collaborate a mutually desired outcome. I would recommend and use Mr. Hebet's expertise again without a doubt.

David P. - Parker CO

I Just had a Jury Trial end in Denver. Russell Hebets was awesome in my Defense. My Charge was Violation of Court orders. Russell was awesome throughout the entire process. He successfully led me to a Not Guilty Verdict and made me and my family believe he really cared and wanted to fight for me. I really appreciate him and his office partner/staff. He always encourage me when things didn't look good and return my numerous calls in a very difficult time of my life. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Thxs Hebets & McCallin.

Adrian R. - Centennial, CO

I wanted to take a moment to say "Thank you very much!" We trusted our sons life in your hands. Than you for taking car of him and in treating him with dignity and respect. He had already suffered too much by the time he got to you. You should know that in this case you were an instrument of our Lord and Savior. I pray that He will bless you and yours abundantly.

Respectfully Yours,

Michael and Dixie M.

My experience with Hebets & McCallin Law Firm far exceeded my expectations. I originally started my case in Arapahoe County with representation from another law firm, however, after 5 months of being treated with disrespect and completely over charged I searched for new representation. I came across Hebets & McCallin Law Firm. Immediately after contacting the law firm I was made a priority and an appointment was set up. Hebets & McCallin began exceeding my expectations in my first meeting, as I could already tell that I was dealing with very experienced and knowledgeable attorneys. They worked with my financial situation by being extremely fair and helpful with the charges for their services. Mr. Hebets did not hesitate to become involved with me and my case; he was very understanding and incredibly respectful of my wishes and opinions from the start. Mr. Hebets was very prompt in responding to my inquiries and answering all of my questions. When it came time for trial, the entire law firm was involved in preparing for my trial. With multiple charges, including three misdemeanors and one felony, the prospect of maintaining and furthering my career was in jeopardy. With that being said, the prospect of trial was terrifying. However, my fear was put at ease by Mr. Hebets as he inspired a great amount of confidence throughout my entire case, but especially during trial. My experience with Hebets & McCallin Law firm was exceptional. My only regret is that I did not have Mr. Hebets representing me from the very beginning of my case. I am very happy with the results of the case, and there is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Hebets did everything in his power to obtain the best outcomes for me. If you're looking for criminal defense attorneys, you definitely found the right place!



I had gotten myself in trouble with the law back in 2002 in the Denver area. Shortly afterwards I moved back to Wisconsin. My legal issues didn't go away. They popped up last year and I started calling attorneys in the area to see about possibly addressing my legal issues without my traveling back to Colorado. I call 3 attorneys before speaking with Mr Hebets, they all told me I would have to travel back to appear in court. When I talked to Mr Hebets he told me that he should be able to clear up my 2 cases without me going back to Colorado. Well he came through big time. Both of my cases are cleared up, he was able to get both of them dropped with me only having to pay a small fine on one of them. He answered my questions along the way and was very helpful. Thanks to Mr Hebets I can move on with my life now.

Anonymous is Wisconsin

In January, I found myself in trouble. My husband set me up and I went to jail. Never having been in trouble, I was scared. Colin was a Godsend. He was quick to respond, there when I needed him, and helped me every step of the way. Being an ex-DA, I felt in safe hands as he knew the system, it's processes and players. He guided me through and still does even though the case has been settled. I would highly recommend Colin. You won't be disappointed. I can't thank him enough for all that he's done. My only wish is that he handled divorce cases.

S. Arias - Brighton, CO

I was charged with several acts of domestic violence in a very black period in my life. I hired Colin McCallin to help me out, and it was a great decision. I interviewed several lawyers, but Colin was the only one who just sat and...listened. We went to court and it was helpful that he knew the DA, and my case was reduced to a deal that was very reasonable and that protected my record. Colin knows what he's doing!


Dear Colin,

We both want to thank you for the job you did for us.  It was like 100 pounds lifted off our shoulders after all this time.

You have changed the way my husband and I view the criminal justice system. Again, thanks.

T. and S. Roy

I had a really serious felony drug case I was charged with. I was referred to Colin McCallin by a close friend, and he took my case for me. He seemed to know everyone in the courthouse and was able to tell me exactly what would happen with my case before it actually happened. There were no surprises, and I ended up taking a deal that won't show up on a background check in the future. This was HUGE! I had a lot of bad experiences and definitely have work to do, but I am glad to have the case behind me and could not have done it without Colin.

This firm is great.

A. Baca

I want to thank Colin for his help in my case. Throughout the whole process he was always understanding and did a great job of explaining what to expect. The only surprise I received was a lighter sentence than the judge in my case had ever given before. Without Colin I know this wouldn't have been possible. I appreciate that Colin takes a personal interest in his clients. He always returns my calls quickly, even on days when he is working other cases. After my court case ended he continues to provide me with assistance even helping out with an unexpected DMV hearing. I hope to never have legal troubles again but if I do I know I can trust Hebets & McCallin and I recommend them to anyone else who does.

Greg W. - Denver, CO

When I first retained Colin McCallin, he filled me with confidence. I was facing the first confrontation with the law of my life. He always returned my calls and provided me with all the information I needed. I faced 30-45 days in jail with a difficult DA, and he was able to plead that down to 10 days in-home detention, for which I am exceedingly grateful. He is a consummate professional. Should I, or a friend, need his services again I would contact or recommend him without question.



I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for all of the hard work and dedication you put into my case. After 4 years in an abusive relationship with a substance abuser, the last place I expected to find myself was on the wrong side of the law. But that's exactly where I did find myself, after I caught him cheating on me. Not only was I facing felony charges, I was also risking losing my professional career and everything I had worked hard in life to accomplish. When all was said and done, I could not have asked for a kinder, more compassionate and most importantly, more professional attorney to have worked with. Not knowing anything about the Criminal Justice System, you guided me through the experience flawlessly and with the utmost respect and dignity. I couldn't have asked for any better experience than the one I had with you. Thank you so much for your help and for giving me the opportunity to go on to bigger and better things in my future. I will always be grateful.

A Thankful Client

Last February I got charged with a Marijuana related DUI. I "shopped" around a few other DUI lawyers and was very impressed by Collin McCallin. He was nothing but professional, and actually listened to my story (something other lawyers didn't do, choosing instead to talk about me telling me about all the success they'd had recently). We had issues with the officers and there statements so we had something to fight my case with. Collin was willing to work for me, not just taking my money and advising me to take the first plea agreement, nor taking me for a ride all the way to trial. In conversations with him it was clear that Collin had extensive knowledge about his legal specialty along with a willingness to fight my case all the way to the end. He filled a few motions and got me a deal I was more than willing to accept. I feel like I would have had an excellent trial lawyer if it came to that and would recommend Collin to anyone charged with a DUI. I hope its not the case, but if I ever have a DUI or traffic charge again Collin McCallin will be the first phone number I call.

C. McCarty

I retained Russell Hebets in my case after contacting several law firms. When speaking to other law firms, they were pessimistic about my case and didn't seem be interested in the facts or truth. Upon talking with Russell, I knew immediately that he was the one to represent me. He was interested in the case and gave me a considerable amount of support and was very confident that we could obtain a positive outcome. During the entire ordeal, Russell kept in close contact, answered all of my questions and concerns, and knew exactly how each step of the process would unfold. He quickly earned my trust and confidence by guiding me through each court appearance. Do to my career, I was unable to accept any type of plea agreement and Russell was very understanding that I needed a complete dismissal or acquittal. He never pushed me into accepting anything that I was not willing to do and worked diligently on my behalf to obtain the outcome that I wanted. In the end, Russell exceeded all of my expectation and I received a full dismissal of all charges. Russell treats his clients with respect and has excellent relationships with prosecutors, which is critical in achieving successful outcomes. I couldn't be happier with my experience and a highly recommend Russell Hebets and the Hebets & MCallin law firm.


I feel extremely fortunate to have found and hired Hebets & McCallin as my DUI defense attorneys. The strength of their testimonials motivated me to give them a call; I’m glad I did. Colin McCallin was always an extremely strong advocate for me, and promptly returned my (sometimes panicked) calls and emails. I always felt as if Mr. McCallin was personally invested in my case. This naturally served to calm my nerves during these dark and distressful days. I highly recommend the services of this Firm to anyone unfortunate enough to have a DUI charge facing them.

Dave C. - Lakewood, CO

I used Hebets & McCallin for multiple criminal cases I had. I am extremely pleased with that decision and the outcome of those cases. Russell is extremely knowledgeable and communicates realistically while working efficiently for the best possible outcome. They also had the best rates in town!

Jon D.

After my first phone call with Hebets & McCallin, I knew they were the right choice. Russell was extremely proactive from day one and continued to get me positive results way beyond what I had ever expected. Throughout the entire process, both he and Colin went way beyond the call of duty to get me answers to my questions. Without a doubt, I would absolutely use Hebets & McCallin again.

Janet L.

For the first time in my life I found myself in some legal hot water, which was very stressful for me. I contacted Russell and explained my situation. Russell was very thorough and thoughtful in explaining what my options were and possible outcomes. I felt much better after meeting with Russell and decided to use his service. During the course of the case Russell was always available to take my calls and emails and was very patient and prepared to answer all of my questions.

Knowing I had Russell in my corner helped immensely and, in the end, the outcome was much better than I had expected. I would recommend Russell Hebets to anyone needing legal counsel - he was the complete professional and personable package.

B S. - Littleton CO

There are not enough stars to rate the positive experience I had with Colin McCallin. Beyond his professionalism, work ethic, and extensive knowledge base, Colin showed me that he is an individual with integrity and compassion. In a system that can make you feel less than human, Colin didn't just care about my case, he cared about me personally. During one of the most difficult times of my life, Colin was there with a listening ear and a "Can Do" attitude. He fought for me, and I am more than pleased with the outcome of my case. Today I am a free man because of Colin McCallin, and I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Nate J. - Harrison, AR

There are not enough stars to rate the positive experience I had with Colin McCallin. Beyond his professionalism, work ethic, and extensive knowledge base, Colin showed me that he is an individual with integrity and compassion. In a system that can make you feel less than human, Colin didn't just care about my case, he cared about me personally. During one of the most difficult times of my life, Colin was there with a listening ear and a "Can Do" attitude. He fought for me, and I am more than pleased with the outcome of my case. Today I am a free man because of Colin McCallin, and I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Nate J. - Harrison, AR

Colin McCallin is a great lawyer in my book.  Back in September 2012, I was accused of diverting control substances from the pharmacy I worked in as a pharmacist.  I was facing 2 felonies, theft and possession of a control substance.  Because of Colin's hard work, extensive knowledge of the justice system and having been a ADA he got those charges reduced to one charge of misdemeanor theft of less than $500.00.  I received one year probation bench supervision as long as I followed the Board of Pharmacy's requirements of the Peer support program, at the end of that year I would be able to with draw my guilty plea of theft and the charge would be dropped.  Because of that I will be able to get my pharmacist license reinstated.

The whole time this was going on Colin always kept in contact with me and never let me feel I was alone.  I always felt I was safe with him from the very beginning to the closure of my case.  I would highly suggest that if you have legal problems that Colin McCallin is the solution!!!

Thank you so much Colin! 

Kim D.

Russel Hebets is a good man and a great lawyer!

His knowledge of the law, judicial networking skills, hard work and personality make him a great choice for legal representation.  He did a great job for me and it was a pleasure having him represent me in my troubles.

Justin C. - Golden CO

This was the second time I hired Russell Hebets as my attorney. Russell is by far the most down-to-earth and finger-to-the-pulse attorney I have ever had the pleasure of hiring. When you're on the defense, things can be stressful especially with your future on the line. The professionalism, promptness, organization, and care that this attorney carries himself with is second-to-none. Also, Russell Hebets' bedside manner is peerless. An immediate family member of mine was an attorney and I know those qualities are very important in the legal field, and you can reassure yourself with confidence when you work with the Hebets & McCallin law firm. I appreciate true justice and I appreciate everything this firm has done for me. Thank you again.

Lee Meyer


Thank you so much for everything you have done for me!  I can't tell you how glad I am to put this all behind me.

Alex S. - Denver, CO

Mr. Russell Hebets esq,

Thank you for all you've done in dealing with my case and in sealing my case. I truly appreciate all your efforts and your outstanding representation of my case.  If I ever know of anyone who needs an outstanding lawyer/counselor I will definitely refer them to you.

Thank you very much,

Brian I. - Aurora, CO

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