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DUI Driving Under the Influence in Colorado

DUI Driving Under the Influence Lawyer in Colorado

In Colorado, approximately 26,000 people are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) each year. That is roughly one out of every 200 people living in the state. Being charged with DUI does not mean you are guilty of DUI, and the attorneys at Hebets & McCallin will bring a combined two decades of experience in this area of the law to protect your rights and ensure that you receive the best defense. Driving cars and socializing over drinks are two of the activities most regularly engaged in by adults. Often, the decision whether to drive after recent drinking is not black and white. Read more...

Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic Violence Lawyer in Colorado

Each year in Colorado, more than 14,000 people are charged with misdemeanor "domestic violence" (DV) crimes. Contrary to what you might think, to be arrested for DV, the arrestee and the "victim" need not be married or in a domestic partnership and the arrestee need not have acted violently or caused the victim injury. Nevertheless, the traditional image of a “wife-beater” continues to be associated with DV, and therefore a conviction for even a very low-level DV crime, such as harassment-DV, can have devastating repercussions for your employment or in child custody disputes. If you have been charged with any DV crime, the attorneys at Hebets & McCallin will put years of experience to work to minimize the impact of the charge on your life.Read more...

Criminal Assault

Criminal Assault Lawyer in Colorado

Assault is a crime of violence against another person. However, Assault is often defined to include not only violence, but any intentional physical contact with another person without their consent. In Colorado, Assault charges can vary and are broken down as First Degree Assault, Second Degree Assault, or Third Degree Assault. Read more...

Motor-Vehicle & Traffic Offenses

Motor-Vehicle & Traffic Offenses

Hebets & McCallin, P.C., handles all types of traffic offenses ranging from simple speeding tickets to vehicular assaults. We have experience negotiating with city attorneys and know how to use the law to obtain the best result possible. We understand that your driving privilege is a necessity, not a luxury, and we will work hard to ensure that you keep your valid license at the completion of your case. See how we can help with a Denver traffic offense.

Drug Crimes

Drug Crime Lawyer in Colorado

Whether you are charged with Manufacture of Methamphetamines, Distribution of a Controlled Substance, or simple Felony Possession, Hebets & McCallin P.C., fights for your rights under the law. Illegal stops and seizures are common in drug arrests, and Hebets & McCallin, P.C., vigorously pursues pre-trial motions to suppress illegally seized evidence. We require the District Attorneys to prove their case and we hold the police accountable for their investigation techniques. Find more information about drug crimes here.

Violent Crimes Lawyer

DUI Driving Under the Influence Lawyer in Colorado

Violent crimes, including designated “crimes of violence,” are among the most serious criminal charges under Colorado law and require legal representation. Our criminal lawyers, have been successful defending individuals charged with violent offenses both at the pre-trial stages of criminal cases as well as at trial. We listen to our clients and fashion defenses based on the true facts of the case. Don’t put your future in the hands of the criminal system without a competent criminal defense lawyer. See what we can do to fight a charge for a violent crime.

Juvenile Crimes

DUI Driving Under the Influence Lawyer in Colorado

In the criminal justice system, children and teenagers are not treated the same as adults. While the adult justice system focuses on punishment, the juvenile justice system focuses on treatment and rehabilitation. That being said, there are still very serious consequences arising from juvenile charges, including the potential of juvenile detention. If your child is facing criminal charges in Colorado, you need to contact an experienced Denver criminal attorney who understands the juvenile justice system and can defend the rights of the minor. It is possible for the State to file charges against a juvenile in district court. This is known as the direct file system, which allows prosecutors to try juveniles who are 16 or 17 years old as adults. This usually happens in situations where the juvenile is accused of committing a violent crime. We have more information about Juvenile offenses here.

White Collar Crimes

DUI Driving Under the Influence Lawyer in Colorado

A white collar crime is typically committed by a business person or public official who uses dishonesty or deception for financial gains. Such criminal actions include various types of fraud, embezzlement, extortion and computer crimes. Most white collar crimes go unnoticed and take months or years for investigation. Find more information about White collar crime here.

Theft and Shoplifting

DUI Driving Under the Influence Lawyer in Colorado

A theft crime conviction carries serious penalties in Colorado. Depending upon the severity of the crime, you can be faced with either a misdemeanor or felony charge resulting in possible jail time, harsh fines and community service. In addition, a theft related conviction will appear in your criminal record and could negatively affect your life and future. If you are under investigation or are facing theft related charges in Colorado, don’t risk your future by not having an experienced Denver criminal attorney by your side. If you’re charged with theft, you could face serious legal and personal consequences. At the Law Offices of Hebets & McCallin, we are committed to defending individuals accused or charged with theft related crimes. More details about theft crimes.

Internet Luring

DUI Driving Under the Influence Lawyer in Colorado

Internet luring or enticement of a child is gaining more and more attention within Colorado’s law enforcement agencies. These cases can be complicated and quite serious, and it is important to have an experienced criminal lawyer who can assist those charged with these sensitive crimes. At Hebets & McCallin we will fight to uphold your rights and work to obtain the best result possible. Learn more about Internet Luring.


DUI Driving Under the Influence Lawyer in Colorado

No other criminal accusation is more serious than homicide or murder charges. The penalties and consequences are so severe that you could end up serving life in prison or be sentenced to death. More information about homicide and murder charges.

Sex Crimes

DUI Driving Under the Influence Lawyer in Colorado

Sexual assault charges require an experienced Denver criminal lawyer who understands the specifics of law in Colorado. We understand how devastating a sex crime conviction can be to a person’s life, even when the person is found innocent. Learn more about a charge for a sex crime

Criminal Mischief

DUI Driving Under the Influence Lawyer in Colorado

Criminal mischief can be easy to commit, but can carry serious consequences. At Hebets & McCallin, we understand Colorado criminal mischief laws, and have the experience to defend you if you have been charged with destruction of property. Criminal mischief is knowingly damaging the property of another person. Damage can include breaking, altering, vandalizing, or destroying something that belongs to someone else. Criminal mischief can apply to property that is jointly owned between the defendant and another person.

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