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Avoiding a DUI Arrest in Colorado

I’m going to give you some very easy tips to avoid a DUI. It’s a whole lot easier to stay out of trouble, than to get out of trouble. So the first thing is, make your decision on whether you’re driving or not, before you start to drink because if you wait and play it by ear, your decision making ability is already being affected by alcohol when you decide, “Yea, I’m okay. Give me those keys.”

Second thing is, pace yourself. Your body’s normal elimination time is one standard drink per hour. So, if you pace yourself to one drink every hour and a half or so, you’re going to be smooth sailing. Third thing is, eat some food if you’re going to be drinking. That food is going to absorb the alcohol and slow down its release into your system. Another thing is, don’t get in the car right after you slam that last beer at closing time.

You may not have been impaired when you got in the car but by the time you get pulled over, you’re very well could have that alcohol in your blood stream and you could be impaired at that time. Ultimately, if in doubt, call a cab. It’s a whole lot easier to pay 50 bucks for a cab, than $10,000 for a DUI.

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