Is Bank Robbery Profitable?

While many people might dream about what it would be like to rob a bank and get away with it some statisticians writing for The Royal Statistical Society have determined precisely how much bank robbery pays. Their original study can be found here.

These researchers discovered two very important things about robbing a bank. First, bank robberies involve two or more people about half of the time. This is important because these robbers have to split up their money more ways. Second, an average bank robbery totals about $4,300 according to the FBI statistics they looked at. The important conclusion is that a single bank robbery won’t even earn a person the same as a normal median income, and in fact a person would still be well below the U.S. poverty line.

Most people probably have no temptation to attempt to rob a bank, but this study should end any thought. At least when it comes to bank robberies crime really doesn’t pay.

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