I had a few questions regarding a long-settled 25 yr old legal issue that had recently demanded my attention due to an application I submitted to travel between countries. I tried the legal counsel I had originally worked with so long ago but they were no longer available /retired. I called a few legal referral businesses but had not connected with anyone specific as quickly as I had hoped. I continued online and found the law firm of Hebets and McCallin in my search. I sent off an inquiry to Russell Hebets with a short explanation of what I was dealing with. He responded within 10 mins offering me two available time slots on his schedule during the week to talk. The very next morning I was on the phone with him reviewing my situation and asking my questions. He was nice, patient, clear, responsive, informed, and straightforward. He asked me specific questions about my case and then answered my questions. He gave me detailed information plus options I could pursue depending on what was available to me from the courts. If I needed further assistance moving forward he said he would be available to help and quoted a flat rate for the potential scope of work. I found Mr. Hebert to be very attentive, easy to talk with, professional and informed. I was very relieved to come away with clear answers as I had been stressing a lot recently since having to deal with such ancient history. Old legal issues really just never go away….! I was very grateful for the time he spent with me illuminating the areas that needed further understanding and action on my part. I will certainly reach out to Mr. Hebets in the future if needed and I can easily recommend him 100% for legal assistance.


Smashed It!

Colin McCallin did an amazing job! He kept in constant contact, explained the law thoroughly, and answered all of my questions. I was wrongfully arrested for a DUI by police who engaged in misconduct and deleted the evidence. It was a long anxious road, and eventually a tough decision to have a trial by jury. The judge was known to give jail sentences as a "trial tax" which would have cost me my job and my home. It was my word vs the word of two police officers. Colin absolutely smashed it out of the park! He got the police to admit under oath to deleting evidence, that I had no impairment, and that they turned the blood sample in 5 days late. Needless to say, I was acquitted by a jury of my peers, but it didn't end there for me. The court clerk made a "mistake" and entered my case number as a guilty verdict which nearly got me arrested during a background check for my new job. Colin again went out of his way, driving all the way to the courthouse the next day to photocopy the case information proving I was acquitted. Then he contacted the DMV to sort everything out and ensure I could get my license back. Thank you so much Colin McCallin!

-Armand V.

Excellent Attorney

Collin McCallin performed EXCELLENTLY with my case. He kept in consistent contact with me throughout and showed diligence and extreme care for what I was dealing with. He worked effectively with the district attorney to resolve my case, and I could not be more pleased with the work. Thanks again!

-Tim W.

Exeeded My Expectations

Thanks, Russell, I truly appreciate all your Efforts on my case. He was very confident that we could obtain a positive outcome. In the end, Russell exceeds all my Expectations. I Would highly Recommend Hebets & McCallin to my family or friends.

-Senthil K

Worked miracles for me!

Colin McCallin has literally worked miracles for my case. Very knowledgeable and intelligent. He is honest and trusts worthy. I couldn't ask for a better lawyer. His team did everything they could and more to make my case the greatest outcome possible and it turned out amazing! He was also very comforting and caring for me. Always calming me down and telling the absolute truth of the case. If I had any questions at all he responded back with great in-depth answers. Very thankful and grateful just for his existence. I definitely would recommend with no doubt! Hebets and McCallin services go above and beyond for your case!


Honest & Straightforward

Colin McCallin is the one of the best attorney in Denver, very honest and straight forward which makes him really nice he will not give you false expectation but do everything he can to make sure you are in good shape. No one wants to go to an attorney, but when you are in a situation you need him most he will be there for you professionally and personally. I can't say enough how good he is. I was glad I found you in my situation it would have never been this easy to come out from this so well without your support and help. He is aggressive when it needed, It very calm when it requires to explain to you the situation. He will go through with you no matter its day or night. Kudos to you!! you are really awesome.


A Life Changed Forever

In a very dark time of my life, not knowing where to turn, I was referred to Hebets & McCallin by a trusted friend. My poor choices had damaged my life. The choice to put my case in the hands of Mr. McCallin was the beginning of turning my life around. Despite the " luck of the draw" in being placed before a stern Judge, Mr. McCallin was upfront, honest, and truly support me. Mr. McCallin flawlessly represented me as an individual and a human being worthy of compassion. Due to his efforts, and wise counsel I am now able to continue making positive choices for my life and enjoy every moment that I have. Thank You Mr. McCallin and to your staff. May God bless all the works that you set your hands too! My Life has truly been touched and changed forever. For those of you that are wondering what to do. Be assured that by choosing Hebets & McCallin, you have chosen the BEST! Humbled, and Respectfully, DB

- David B

Professional & Guiding

After interviewing 3 Denver law firms, Colin McCallin promptly called me back after my online submission. I live in San Diego and had a very complex out of state DUI with an outstanding warrant from 2013. The previous 3 law firms I spoke to had little to no confidence in helping my complex case. Colin and I spoke for close to an hour going through every detail of the case. At the end of the call, Colin said he wanted to check a few things including going to the DMV. Mind you this is without being under retainer. I figured I would not hear back. Within days, I got a call from Colin to go through his findings and what my options are for taking care of this. I have never been in legal trouble before and Colin did an amazing job taking the time to dumb things down for me. I hired Hebets & McCallin for a very reasonable fixed rate compared to the other proposals I received. We recently went to court in JeffCo and had a sentencing hearing in front of one of the hardest judges in the system. Nothing but horror stories about this guy. Long story short, Colin knocked it out of the park and literally got everything squashed!!!! Unheard of! i.e. warrant, parole, interlock, probation, etc. Just incredible. The judge even stated the case was presented in such a fashion he was not sure he had ever witnessed anything like it before. We were so well prepared and had a very good presentation the judge felt like I had served my time and paid my dues. I can't thank Colin enough for his hard work and guidance. So professional and wanting to help. I would be sitting in jail right now if it wasn't for him. I could not recommend Hebets & McCallin enough!

- David D.

So Grateful

I cannot say enough great things about Russell Hebets, how thankful I am for everything he did, and how grateful I am to have hired him as my legal counsel.

I was accused of hitting a pedestrian in a parking lot and though I knew I was being falsely accused my situation turned very serious very quickly. I originally hired a different attorney but after months of not getting anywhere and only having things get worse, despite the inconsistent and shortage of evidence against me, my husband and I decided to look for another attorney. Some close friends of ours referred us to Russell so we scheduled a consultation with him and from the very beginning, he has been phenomenal. Russell is the perfect combination of intelligence, empathy, and aggressiveness. He answered all of our questions thoroughly throughout the entire process, responded quickly to all or our requests, and always made sure to keep us updated on any new developments with the case without having to ask for them.


The Best Choice

Working with Russell lifted a huge weight off of our shoulders and allowed my husband and me to get back to living our lives knowing we were in good hands. Russell is truly a genuine and caring person and my husband and I will forever be grateful for the hard work, empathy, and support Russell gave us with my case. His persistence and determination resulted in a full dismissal of all of the charges!"


Very Thankful

I am very thankful we hired Colin! 2nd DUI with a single car accident. Including federal issues. Thanks to Colin's persistence he was able to get my jail time greatly reduced! Thank you, Colin, for helping me be able to be present for the birth of our third child!! Without you, I would have probably missed it. Colin was very knowledgeable and always made sure we understood everything about what was going on. He helped us understand what was going to happen and explained every step of the process. He definitely helped make the whole process a little less stressful.

-Jon Silva

Thoroughly Impressed

I was caught going 85 miles an hour on I-70 in Jefferson County on my way up to hit some fresh powder on the slopes. I thought for sure I was in big trouble because I had just received ANOTHER speeding ticket 2 weeks earlier. I hired Hebets & McCallin, P.C. to handle the ticket in Jefferson County, and boy did they ever! Much to my surprise, Mr. Hebets was able to get the ticket completely DISMISSED. I still don't know how he did it. I only know that I'm very grateful. Without his work, dedication, and connections, I'm certain I would be paying a premium for my car insurance, as I've been known to have a lead foot in the past. And even though, I have since slowed down, I would hire this firm again in a second, as I was thoroughly impressed with them.

-Heidi Hemmat

Passionate & Detail-Oriented

This year I was wrongfully accused of Assault with Domestic Violence as well as assault 3. After interviewing several potential attorneys for legal representation, I chose to work with Colin McCallin. Colin not only had the experience I needed but he seemed genuinely interested in taking on my case and I immediately felt at ease with my decision. Colin was not only attentive to every detail of the case and communicative; he was there when I had questions and would entertain any idea, question or concern that I might have. He was passionate and driven to see my case through to the end. In spite of the legal systems inability to see through its own processes; Colin could, and did. When having to finally face a trial by jury for something I didn't do, Colin was steadfast in his resolve and the case ended with NOT guilty verdicts on both counts. There never was a time that I felt like he wasn't aware and doing what everything possible to assist me in being vindicated. I would recommend his passionate and detail oriented defense for anyone of my friends or family. Colin, again many thanks and I will forever be grateful for you seeing me through this nightmare. Thank you.


From misdemeanor to felony to innocent!

From misdemeanor to felony to innocent! It all started around May 5th, 2004, when I was accused of a sexual assault that I didn't commit. My travel documents were taken away, then the privilege to see my kids was interrupted. My life was slowly moving to hell. Imagine you can't be around kids, report to a probation officer every day, you can't leave the state, you lost your job, and the only thing you had was the people who believed in you. I almost gave up. While sitting in the court there was this lawyer handling a similar case who was very professional, a great personality and had the knowledge of the law which a lot of lawyers don't. Something gave me the feeling that I need to hire him. It turned out to be Mr. Russell Hebets from the law firm of Hebets & McCallin. I did not know how long he's been around but after he took my case my face knew how to smile again and I could sleep at night knowing I was in good hands.Mr. Hebets had all my felonies dropped, won an appeal, got back my travel documents, and we were only left with misdemeanors which were finally dismissed on January 12th, 2009. I'll never forget the phone call from Mr. Hebets while I was at work. Even though it took me 4 years I was kept out of jail able to work. Mr. Hebets was able to schedule my court appearances on my days off so I was able to keep my new job. If it wasn't for the D.A.'s who kept changing over and over this matter would have been over with at an earlier time. So When you think of a law firm I recommend Hebets & McCallin. They are real people, very professional, and they let you know the chances of your case. Funny that I had never met this lawyer (Russell) and had only seen him for 30 minutes at work and yet I had no doubt about him and I was right. I am a Freeman and we didn't even go to trial. Thanks again, Russell. Thank you for giving me my life back!

- Michael A. Johnson