Russell Hebets July 9, 2015

Jared, An Everyday Hero?

We all know Jared, that guy from the Subway commercials, famous for losing over 200 pounds on a diet of Subway sandwiches. Since 2000, Jared Fogle has been a spokesperson for the sandwich chain and for the last 15 years Jared has reportedly been Subway’s most profitable endorsement deal. Subway has said Jared is likely responsible for one-third to one-half of the chain’s growth since his first commercial. In addition to being the face of Subway, Jared started the Jared Foundation to help fight childhood obesity and help children improve their eating and exercise habits. Jared is worth $15 million and lives a relatively quiet life in a suburb of Indianapolis. Jared sounds like a pretty good guy with a pretty good life, right?

Child Porn Raises Its Ugly Head

Then Russell Taylor, the Jared Foundation’s director, was arrested for child pornography. And now it seems Jared is caught in the mix. Federal investigators and local Indianapolis police raided Jared’s home on the morning of July 7th and removed electronics and paper documents from the home. Subway tweeted it believed the investigation was in connection to Taylor, and the FBI confirmed that the warrant for Jared’s home related to child pornography.

When Subway learned of Taylor’s arrest, they quickly fired him. Now, despite no charges being filed against Jared at this point, Subway has chosen to distance themselves from their spokesperson and have suspended their relationship with Jared. Subway has gone so far as to remove a section of their website dedicated to Jared’s weight-loss journey. Subway has been blasted on social media for this move with individuals citing the familiar “innocent until proven guilty” mantra, wanting Subway to stick by their spokesman until charges are actually filed. By putting their relationship with Jared on pause, Subway is attempting to distance themselves from any insinuation of involvement in child pornography.

There Is Something There, But Enough To Charge Jared?

For the investigation against Jared to reach this point, for his house to be searched – there clearly must be something wrong. Police officers need probable cause to get a judge to sign off on a search warrant, meaning they need to have grounds or some sort of evidence that a crime was committed. And for the feds to be involved? Whatever child pornography they think Jared has needs to have crossed state lines.

Jared still has not been detained, arrested, or charged with any crimes. But, if the feds find that Jared is as involved as his former foundation director is accused of being, Jared could be charged with producing, distributing, and possession of child pornography. That means a very long time in prison and no more Subway sandwiches. If the feds find anything on Fogle’s electronics, Fogle could be charged with possession of child pornography.

What Does the Future Hold For Jared?

Jared’s attorneys have stated that they are cooperating with the investigation and they are optimistic that no charges will be filed. However, if Jared is indeed innocent, his reputation has already taken a serious hit. Child pornography is an extremely sensitive subject and accusations, once made, never really go away. When all of this is over, Jared might need to find a new sandwich chain to represent. Quiznos anyone?