Russell Hebets March 27, 2015

Sealing Records in Colorado

We get a lot of questions about sealing records in Colorado. Can I get my record sealed? How do I do it? Well there’s good news and there’s bad news. The bad news is, there’s still a lot of cases that can’t be sealed. They simply aren’t eligible and unfortunately, you just have to live with it.

The good news is, there’s a trend toward allowing more things to be sealed. So first off, the cases that can be sealed no matter what: Any cases that were dismissed, you successfully completed a deferred judgement or you won at trial. The high majority of those cases can be sealed and they wouldn’t show up anywhere on a criminal background check.

Some recent laws have been passed that allow some drug offense convictions to be sealed after a period of time. Municipal cases can be sealed after a period of time as well. Sealing a criminal case is a no-brainer. Any record of a criminal case, even one that was completely dismissed, can hurt you in a variety of ways if discovered.

These records can affect your employment, your housing, and virtually every area of your life. If you can make those cases go away, you absolutely should.The effect of a successfully sealed record is that it is treated as if it never existed, which means you don’t have to disclose it, and background check providers won’t find it. It is the ultimate closure for anybody who has gone through the criminal justice system. If you have a question about whether you are eligible to seal your records, give us a call. We’ll take a look and chat about it. If you’re eligible, we can help you with it.