Man Charged With Attacking Daughter with Pit Bull

A Florida man has been accused of using his pit bull to participate in an assault on his daughter Sunday night after the Super Bowl. According to the Marion County Sheriff’s report, Julian Maynard Saunders, a 49 year old Ocala resident, got into an argument with his 19 year old daughter over the use of a space heater. As the argument escalated, Saunders got his pit bull out of the back yard and things went south from there.

The police report continues that as the pair continued to argue, Saunders grabbed his daughter by the face, slammed her into the wall, and took her to the ground as the dog started to bite and scratch at her legs. The woman’s mother tried to intervene and the dog turned on her and bit her left arm. Both women were transported to the hospital and treated for minor injuries.

Saunders was charged with felony domestic battery and was booked into the Marion County Jail, where he is being held without bond. Denver criminal defense lawyers with expertise in handling domestic violence cases observed that alcohol seems to be a large contributing factor since the police report also mentions that Saunders had been watching the Super Bowl and drinking at his brother’s house prior to the incident.

To read more, see the Gainesville Sun article.

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