Adams County Printing Get Out of Jail Free Cards

Non-violent offenders in several municipalities in Adams County, Colorado may be getting a break on jail time thanks to a recent decision by Sherriff Darr. This area includes cities such as Aurora, Thornton, Northglenn, and Brighton. Under the new policy if you are charged in municipal court for a non-violent offense you probably won’t go to jail. The system limits the number of beds available for municipal offenders.

This policy is good news for those facing jail sentences in many of these cities, but it is important to remember that just because a defendant might not serve jail time does not mean there are not serious consequences for charges in municipal court. A conviction still carries a permanent criminal record which can affect future employment opportunities. A conviction may still result in in-home detention or lengthy probation requirements.

While this announcement may seem like free pass it is best to remember that contacting an attorney early in the criminal process and defending against charges aggressively usually produces the best overall outcome for a defendant.

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