So you've been charged with domestic violence. What does that even mean? My name is Russell Hebets with the law firm of Hebets & McCallin, and today I'm going to be talking about domestic violence.

Now, domestic violence essentially is any crime that's committed against an intimate partner. So it could be your husband or your wife, it could be your boyfriend or your girlfriend, it could be someone that you had a one night stand with. If you're accused of committing a crime against that person, that would be categorized as domestic violence. Now, in some states, domestic violence is a stand-alone charge, so you could be charged with domestic violence. In most states, like Colorado, if you're charged with domestic violence, there has to be an underlyingoffense. So for example, you're charged with assault as an act of domestic violence, so what does that "as an act of domestic violence" mean? It means your case is more serious. It means you're probably facing a mandatory protection order that keeps you from contacting the other person.

Repercussions are more serious, consequences are more serious, you're probably not going to get as good of a plea offer from a district attorney or a prosecutor.

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