Colorado DUI Patrols Up Over Super Bowl Weekend

It’s no secret that the Super Bowl is one of the most popular American pastimes that people often celebrate by consuming alcohol. With the Colorado State Patrol and other Colorado law enforcement agencies increasing their DUI patrols, experienced DUI lawyers in Denver urge everyone be responsible and use a sober designated driver if your festivities include alcohol over the Super Bowl weekend.

In an attempt to deter drunk driving, CDOT’s The Heat is On program will be increasing Super Bowl DUI patrols in Colorado Feb.4 through Feb. 7. According to CDOT, 371 Colorado drivers were arrested for DUI over the 2010 Super Bowl weekend. Fortunately there were no fatalities.

Not sure if you’ve had too much to drink? You can use technology to help. The CDOT website has a link to a free iPhone app that lets you calculate your BAC and even helps get you a cab if you have had too much to drink.

To read more see CDOT website.

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