Colorado Medical Marijuana Draws Federal Attention

Denver Post – “As the number of marijuana dispensaries, and users, has surged across the state, the legislature has tried to provide some rules for the burgeoning industry.”

The U.S. Attorney for Colorado has warned state lawmakers that adjusting rules for medical marijuana could very likely draw the attention of the federal government, leading to an increase in federal prosecutions. There are two main issues that are drawing the ire of the feds. The first deals with a state licensed investment fund for medical marijuana businesses who traditionally have difficulty securing bank loans because of conflict with federal regulations. The second issue is a row over state licensing of “medical-marijuana infused product” facilities with up to 500 marijuana plants, along with the possibility of granting waivers to license even larger facilities. Needless to say, any business involved with medical marijuana in Colorado should seek out sound, expert legal advice before doing anything regarding their business.

To read more, see Denver Post article.

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