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Cohen & Cohen March 29, 2021

It probably is no surprise to hear that alcohol is the leading cause of fatalities and serious injuries after a car accident. In fact, thousands of people across the states lose their lives in drunk driving related collisions each year, even with strict DUI and DWI laws intact. A driver who has a BAC of at least .08% increases the chances of being killed during a drunk driving accident by almost a dozen fold, compared to sober drivers. Those who do survive a drunk driving collision are often left with severe injuries that affect their physical condition and mental health.

A DUI can also be the source of a couple different types of lawsuits. Not only can you be criminally prosecuted, but you can also be held accountable in a personal injury lawsuit. If you were the victim of a DUI accident, there are some common injuries of which to be aware:

Injuries Sustained After DUI Accident

There is a good reason why the law requires people to not operate a vehicle when under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. The injuries and damage that can ensue as a result of drunk driving are substantial, and rarely do both parties in the crash walk away without any injury. In all cases of a drunk driving accident, law enforcement must be called so medical attention can be received and there is official documentation of what happened. Here are a few examples of how people can get injured because of a drunk driving incident:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): the brain can endure serious damage upon impact during the collision. TBIs can result in motor function deficiencies, cognition problems, comas, and more.

  • Spine and Back Injuries: the spine is a core component of the human body. Because of the impact, the driver can sustain spinal fractures, back sprain and strains, spinal disc damage, and other spinal cord injuries.

  • Broken Bones: extremities in particular are vulnerable during a car crash, as bones can get broken from slamming against the interior of the vehicle or get crushed under the dashboard. Such injuries may require emergency surgery, and too much damage may necessitate loss of the limb.

  • Mental Health: we may forget just how deeply a serious car accident, like a DUI crash, can impact a person. Not only does the physical body get hurt, but it can cause mental struggles for the driver. For example, the driver may have newly developed anxiety, depression, PTSD when in a car, and more.

Medical Bills Pile Up Fast

After reviewing the list above, it comes as no shock that medical costs can accumulate quickly, leaving the driver with thousands of dollars in bills to pay. For those who did not cause the DUI accident, they may be entitled to compensation for their medical bills, loss of wage, pain and suffering, and property damage from the drunk driver at-fault.

Being in a DUI accident can change a person’s life, as the lawyers at Cohen & Cohen can attest, and can be immensely difficult to recover from. Those who were recently in such an accident may want to take steps to protect their best interests by getting medical attention, filing a report, speaking with a lawyer, and filing a claim with their insurance company.