Do I Need Interlock in All My Cars After A DUI?

After you receive a DUI in Colorado most drivers receive an interlock system in their car when they get their license back. An interlock is simply a device that checks your BAC each time you go to start up your vehicle. One very common question is if a person has multiple cars, which cars does a person need to install an interlock in? Additionally, what are they allowed to do while they are required to be on the interlock system?

In Colorado while you are ordered to have an interlock you are only allowed to drive a vehicle with the system installed. If you own two vehicles you can have the interlock system installed in only one of your vehicles. However, you will not be able to drive the other vehicle. If you travel for work or rent cars frequently you should note that you are not allowed to drive any vehicle unless it has an interlock system.

Finally, depending on the conditions of your interlock you may only be authorized to drive within the state of Colorado during that period. This is because your license is still restricted and Colorado can only grant you the ability to drive with an interlock within its own borders and not in other states.

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