Russell Hebets Sept. 4, 2012

Some people wonder if there is any difference between a DUI attorney, lawyer, or paralegal, and how these differences might affect their case.

The first difference between a DUI attorney, lawyer, and paralegal is that a paralegal is not licensed to practice law. A paralegal is a professional trained to help attorneys. They often help manage a case and answer basic questions for clients. However, in any case an attorney or lawyer is responsible for handling the case and for any work that must be done in court. While a paralegal may help with your DUI case, ultimately, a licensed professional will be necessary for any DUI defense.

Second, there is no difference between an attorney and a lawyer; these are simply two words to describe the same thing. However, not all law offices are the same and choosing the team of DUI attorneys, lawyers, and paralegals that you want to help represent you is a big decision. We have a useful video about what to look for when choosing a DUI attorney. Ultimately, you should choose a DUI attorney that you are comfortable with and that has experience. At Hebets & McCallin we are members of the National College for DUI Defense to receive ongoing education and information about the defense of DUI cases.