Colin McCallin Jan. 27, 2015

Drunk Driving Penalties Are Stiff

Driving under the influences cases are prosecuted extremely aggressively in Colorado and that’s only going to continue as time goes on but let’s talk about some of the penalties involved for a DUI offense.

Generally speaking, on a first time DUI offense, unless there are extreme aggravators present, you’re not going to go to jail but you’re going to have to complete a term of probation, you’ll have to take some alcohol classes, community service, you’re going to have to pay some fines and cost, you may even have to submit to random urinalysis and breath analysis testing. You’re only going to go to jail if there are aggravating factors like an accident or a really high blood alcohol level.

The penalties increase dramatically if you get multiple DUI offenses. On a second offense for example, you’re going to jail for a minimum of ten days. Third offense, mandatory minimum, 60 days and most judges are giving significantly more jail time than this minimum. And you’re probably going away for a year on a forth, fifth, or multiple offense beyond that.

We don’t have a felony DUI statue in Colorado but the legislature is looking into that. Point is, DUI penalties are getting more and more severe and you need an experienced attorney to help you out with these cases.