Colin McCallin March 13, 2014

Coloradans were stunned yesterday as they watched their televisions live to see Ryan Stone commit felony after felony in the Wednesday morning rush hour. It was like watching someone play Grand Theft Auto V, only it was real. Surreal may be the better word for it.

The irony is that we have learned that Ryan Stone was on the run from failing to appear on charges related to drug possession. While drug offenses can be serious for multiple offenders, they pale in comparison to the charges that Mr. Stone will be facing now. Attempted Murder, First Degree Assault, Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft, Vehicular Eluding and Kidnapping are just a few of the many probable charges that Mr. Stone will now be able to add to his resume. Even with his previous criminal history, if he had faced the music and dealt with his drug charges, he would probably be free in a few years, perhaps even months. Now, he will be lucky if he ever sees the light of day outside of a prison.

Once the helicopter started documenting Mr. Stone’s every carjack, every crash, and every brush with death that his victims (which include a severely injured State Trooper) experienced, his fate was sealed. Defense attorneys will have very little to work with toward defending Mr. Stone. Unless he has severe mental health issues, his case does not afford a very convincing defense. Many have speculated as to whether or not he was high on drugs during this chase. Regardless, voluntary intoxication is not a defense to most of the charges we enumerated above. Throw in the fact that this was a very high profile case that the Colorado public will be watching, and prosecutors will have no choice but to throw the heaviest book they can at Mr. Stone.

Ryan Stone learned an important lesson the hard way. Never elude the police- things will always get worse.

Mr. Stone allegedly told his bondsman for his initial drug offense that he had no intention of going back to prison. Well, Mr. Stone, you’ll be lucky now if you ever get out.