Russell Hebets April 24, 2012

One of area enforcement that we see emphasized in Denver, especially around the stadiums and downtown, is the pursuit of ticket scalping. There are some important things you should know about ticket scalping law in Colorado. Denver police officers have been known to approach anyone who is holding tickets in their hands and ask them about what they paid for them. This question should indicate to you that you are suspected of ticket scalping. Remember you always have a right to remain silent and if you would like to discover why you shouldn’t talk to the police you can read more about that.

In the Denver metro area not all municipalities have laws against scalping a ticket or selling it for higher than its face value. Inside the city limits, however it is illegal. Sec. 7-294 of the Denver municipal code says that selling ticket at a premium or selling a ticket to a broker or someone who you know to be scalping are both illegal. However, Sec 7-294 also says that, “This section 7-294 shall not apply to tickets purchased over the Internet.” This may not protect sellers of tickets over the internet, but it certainly protects buyers of tickets. It is important to remember though, even if you purchase a ticket at a premium on a website you are not allowed to resell the ticket for higher than the value written on the ticket in Denver. If you would like to conduct such a transaction you should contact city officials or check with the city code in your municipality to find out whether or not the transaction is legal. Since most big venues in Denver are inside the city limits it is not a good plan to attempt to sell tickets near the event.

If you have been accused of scalping you should contact a criminal defense attorney .