Russell Hebets April 17, 2012

As a number of recent news articles indicate across the country schools are increasing calling the police and children are increasingly being handcuffed for school discipline issues. In Georgia a 6 year old girl was handcuffed because she was having a tantrum school officials could not bring in control. Here in Colorado a sixth grader was arrested after a hall monitor questioned her and she attempted to go on her way.

Increasingly, acts that would have been dealt with internally at schools are being criminalized. Especially as kids get older the police become more and more involved in discipline situations. When kids are arrested there can be serious consequences. Children in Colorado are subject to a separate juvenile justice system, but that system can still lead to time in a detention facility. Additionally, if a child does receive a juvenile conviction that can negatively effect in future charge.

Juvenile records are also subject to different rules regarding whether or not they can be sealed. It is important to discuss a case with an experienced juvenile defense lawyer so that you can understand if there will be any permanent consequences in a case. Finally, a juvenile criminal attorney can help make sure that any negative consequences are avoided before a record or conviction is actually created.