So you have a domestic violence conviction. What does that mean about your right to carry agun? My name is Russell Hebetswith the law firm of Hebets and McCallin. In the last video Italked about what domestic violence is, what it means. If you are convicted of domesticviolence, you lose your second amendment right to carry a firearm; that second amendment isnot universal no matter what, and by virtue of that domestic violence conviction there is afederal statute that says if you are convicted of a crime of domestic violence, you no longerhave that right to bear arms.

If you're caught with a gun, if you're caught possessing, owning, firing, anything like that, youcan be charged with a separate criminal offense. Now the only way you can get around this is ifyou eventually have your records expunged or sealed. In that scenario, as long as it doesn'tspecifically prohibit owning a gun, you can have a gun back at that point in time, but if you havea conviction you need to know going in, before you take a plea, if you plead guilty, or if you'refound guilty at trial of a crime that's tagged as domestic violence, you are going to lose yourright to carry a gun. As always, follow us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and we'll see younext time. Thanks.