Hebets & McCallin

You Refused a Blood or Breath Test: What Now?

If you are pulled over and suspected of a DUI in Colorado, you are legally obligated to submit to a blood or breath test that will evaluate how much alcohol is in your system. If you refuse to submit to either of those options during the time of your arrest, there will be several major consequences. Read on for more details and our advice on the topic.

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Colin McCallin

Do You Lose Your License for a DUI? Five Things to Know

A DUI charge in Colorado comes with numerous inconveniences, among them the possible loss of your driving privileges through the DMV following an administrative hearing. What does that process look like? How long does the revocation last? Is there a way to challenge the DMV revocation? Read on for our free legal advice!

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Cohen & Cohen

Common Injuries after a DUI

Driving under the influence leads to more serious injuries than accidents that happen while sober, and also leads to serious consequences in court. Here some of the ways that getting behind the wheel while impaired can affect your life for the worse.

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