Criminal Assault Attorneys in Denver, Colorado

Colorado Criminal Assault Attorneys

Assault is a crime of violence against another person. However, Assault is often defined to include not only violence, but any intentional physical contact with another person without their consent. In Colorado, Assault charges can vary and are broken down as First Degree Assault, Second Degree Assault, or Third Degree Assault.

First Degree is considered the most serious, and Third Degree is considered the least serious and most common. While up to 2 years of jail time is an option for the judge in a Third Degree Assault case, the more serious charges of First Degree and Second Degree Assault are considered crimes of violence, and the penalties for a conviction carry a mandatory prison sentence.

Certain factors determine the severity of the Assault charge, such as the amount of bodily harm inflicted, provocation, and past history of similar offenses. Many times self-defense is a common defense to the charge of assault, but you should contact our office to speak with a Denver criminal lawyer to evaluate your case and determine if a self-defense claim can be supported.