Boating Under the Influence

While the majority of Americans believe that drinking and boating isn’t a huge danger, it can actually be even more risky than drunk driving. The U.S. Coast Guard has proven that sitting in the hot sun can amplify the effects of intoxication, making people feel even more drunk with less alcohol intake. The vibrations, motions, engine noise and other sounds and movements can even intensify these effects more. If you have been accused of drinking while boating, it is crucial you contact a skilled Denver DUI attorney as soon as possible to fight the charges.

This is likely to factor in the high number of deaths associated with drunken boating every year. In fact, studies show that over 20% of all deadly boating accidents are caused by drinking. Because the practice is so dangerous, there are serious laws against drinking and boating and police officers actively look for those they suspect to be participating in the illegal activity. Once a person is arrested for drinking and boating, they may be tested to measure their sobriety. If your BAC was above 0.08% during these tests, you will need to hire a Denver DUI lawyer to help you fight the charges.

Drinking and boating can cost you over $7,5000 in fines and result in two years of jail time. Additionally, you may also be forced to do community service, lose your license temporarily, and be forced to attend alcohol education classes. You may also be banned from boating for the next year. The only way to fight these accusations is with the help of a top Denver DUI attorney.