Field Sobriety Tests Attorneys in Denver, Colorado

Colorado Standard Field Sobriety Tests

Standard Field Sobriety Tests, or SFSTs, were developed by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration to attempt to create standardized testing to determine a likelihood that an individual had a BAC of .10%.

After researching multiple tests, NHTSA determined that three tests were reliable enough to warrant further use. These three standardized tests used in Colorado are:

  • One leg stand
  • Walk and turn
  • Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus

Any other tests used are not standardized and therefore should not carry weight in court. Contact a Denver criminal attorney for more information about theses tests.

The three SFSTs used in Colorado, while having a good ability to predict a BAC of .10%, are not foolproof. Many factors affect an individual’s ability to adequately perform SFSTs including but not limited to road conditions, weather conditions, physical disabilities, proper administration of the tests and other drugs or medications.