Colorado DMV Hearing

Even if you win your criminal trial, you will still lose your driving privileges for nine months, unless you win at a separate DMV license hearing. As soon as you receive a DUI, you only have seven days to file for this hearing or else you lose your right to fight the license suspension. If you have been arrested for drunk driving, it is critical you contact a skilled Denver DUI attorney as soon as possible to ensure you have time to file for a hearing with the DMV.

This DMV hearing is not only a chance for you to fight for your driving privileges, it is also a crucial opportunity for you and your Denver DUI lawyer to practice for your actual criminal trial. This hearing provides your attorney with a chance to review the evidence against you and interrogate the arresting officer.

While the DMV hearings are short, usually no more than an hour long, they provide an excellent opportunity to fine tune your criminal defense case. Your Denver DUI attorney may choose to have you testify during this hearing, which will also let you practice providing testimony regarding the day of the arrest.