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When you hear the phrase hit and run, a very negative connotation immediately pops into your head. The reality is that hit and run charges are broadly applied by Colorado police officers, and the charge may not always be applicable to the conduct. For example, if another driver alleges that you hit their car and you had no idea there was an accident you can be charged with hit and run. Second, many times drivers will agree to report an incident to their insurance, but not to involve the police. If the other driver calls the police after you leave depending upon what they report you might get charged with hit and run.

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Did you know that you have to report an accident even if it is a single car accident? Many people don't, until they get handed a citation for Failure to Remain on the Scene of an Accident. We once represented a client who struck a deer on the road. No other vehicles were involved in that case, but the driver didn't report the accident, and he was cited by a state trooper after the fact.


These are also very serious charges; even a first hit and run is 12 points, which would result in immediate revocation of a license. Jail time is also a possibility depending on the facts of the case. We will make sure your criminal exposure is limited to the farthest extent possible.

The law in this area can be stated quite simply- if you are in an accident, you must report it, even if it wasn't your fault, and even if there is no injury.